Traps and Calculated Risk: Creating a Business That Lasts

Traps and Calculated Risk: Creating a Business That Lasts

Young professionals fall into a few traps when it comes to developing their budding small business. It often returns back to one reality- improper scaling. See, young professionals have the urgency, and this is good. They know what they want. They just rarely know how to get it. They may get stuck on one idea and run with it until it has been thoroughly exhausted.

What are some of these traps? How can young leaders recognize them and avoid the pitfalls of their peers through the act of proper and logical scaling? The Agency Accelerator program from Joe Kashurba looks into how small business leaders make often costly mistakes in their sheer naivety. It is not all about naivety, as some mistakes are bred by a high-competitive world and a lack of resources. Business leaders can recognize the battlefield, and move around it carefully and logically. The website at covers the professional background details of Kashurba and his company.


Rashness leads right into a dead-end. It often results in growing too fast and missing the small details that need to be in place. Pushing $2,000 into a single social media page is rash if it is not calculated and scaled. Firstly, is that social page relevant? Is that where the audience is? What happens if the $2,000 results in 200,000 clicks? How about 20,000 orders? Can this be managed?

Calculated Risks

Risks must be made at some points. It’s why some of the greatest business leaders are where they are now. They took risks based on a few factors, not just one. They looked at what needed to be done and they jumped on it. But, they had a scaled strategy and a response (whether good or bad) on where to take it.

It is always insightful to remember that no business is in its current position due to one aspect: timing, luck, talent, money. It is a combination of many features. By recognizing potential mistakes, learning from past lessons, and giving it 100%, professionals can increase their success and make it happen. It’s never one thing, but many, working together for achievement.

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